Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is Rapunzel..[we already know lahhh]

the story begin with unborn twin, lil'brother and lil'sister chit-chatting about Rapunzel..and..the lil'sister want to have the 70ft Magical Golden Hair...

well, what the lil'sister would do??

[sister] brother, i want to tie up my hair with a lot of sweets like i get 24-7 of sweets in my entire of life! heaven!...
[brother] hmm...that's not good to your health as well as your teeth..even mother eat a lot of calcium+vitamin and other healthy pills for 9month and 10days and you just want to damage it?? poor mom..!

[sister] sorry mom for getting greedy...hmm,, do you remember that mom has told father that we will getting born on is during raining season? bcoz we're live in east-coast area so it will always has flood here...

[sister] well, i think when i have the magical hair, i wish i can be the umbrella for us when the raining season comes..and maybe as a 'sampan' to move out our things when it gets flood! how about that brother?

[brother] woahhh!! that's my lil sister!! you should drink a lot of milk when we're born..milk is so good to have a great hair..

++after the born++

................the lil'sister drink a lot...lot..lot..of MILK!.....................


it's not like the lil sister's look like spiderweb umbrella?? what the..? not great at all! even we can get wet during raining! oh gosh!

what kind of milk i drink?

[brother] hahahahaha! u got a prank! i put a cockroach+spider species in your milk..hahahaha!

[sister] WHAT???? if i know it before, i'll smack u down in mom's womb! Grrrrr!

[brother] hahahahahaah!

what a weird brother! well, it is just a story..i'm doing it for one of the NUFFNANG contest IF I HAD RAPUNZEL'HAIR CONTEST. So, dear Bloggers, if you are interested to join please click this
IF I HAD RAPUNZEL'HAIR CONTEST for more information..there have a great prizes to grab too!! Good Luck!

Wait...wait..wait! before that, this is my best hair! i'm still saving mine to have an umbrella hair! haha!

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